Location for 10,000 for World Peace
Assembly finalized

A modern facility near Hyderabad, India
where we can all be together

See details and course fees below

Dear Friends of World Peace,

It is a very great joy to inform you of the location and course fees for the 10,000 for World Peace Assembly.

We are very fortunate that we have found in India a suitable facility that can accommodate 10,000+ participants.
India, the Land of the Veda
Having the assembly in India, which is the land of the Veda, is ideal and has many great advantages.

Maharishi Vedic Pandits
The Assembly will be held in the presence of Tony Nader MD, PhD, MARR and other leaders of the Global Country of World Peace, together with a large group of Maharishi Vedic Pandits who will perform both Yogic Flying and MahaYagyas daily for world peace.
Indian College Students
In addition, thousands of students who have learned Yogic Flying in colleges throughout India are being invited to join the Assembly and participate in daily Yogic Flying.

Indian Dignitaries to assess the impact of the Assembly
Finally, dignitaries from around the world, including prominent Indian government and business leaders who have the potential for supporting a permanent group of 10,000 for world peace, will be able to witness the assembly and assess the impact of the group during this period.

Hyderabad, India
The location of the Assembly will be near the city of Hyderabad, in the state of Telangana. Hyderabad is the fourth largest city in India and is one of the most modern and progressive cities in the country.

Shri Ram Chandra Mission
The Global Country of World Peace will be renting a facility constructed by the Sri Ram Chandra Mission (SRCM). The facility is called Kanha Shanti Vanam, which means Forest of Peace, and is dedicated to fulfilling the mission of the organization, which is for world peace.

The Shri Ram Chandra Mission was established 75 years ago. Dr Nader has spoken directly with the President of the Mission, Dr Kamlesh Patel ‘Daaji’, who has warmly invited us to make use of their facilities. We will have the entire campus of Kanha Shanti Vanam to ourselves during this period.

Dr Patel has also invited Dr Nader to arrange for the members of the SRCM to learn the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi programme.
Hyderabad Airport
The Kanha Shanti Vanam campus is located approximately 50 minutes drive from the city of Hyderabad and 30 minutes from the Hyderabad International Airport. There are direct flights into Hyderabad from international locations such as London, Frankfurt, Dubai, Singapore and other Middle-East and Southeast Asia countries, thus bypassing having to go through Delhi.
The Campus
The Kanha Shanti Vanam campus is situated on 1400 acres of forest and agricultural lands southwest of Hyderabad. In the past several years, a beautiful and inspiring modern campus has been constructed by SRCM that can accommodate tens of thousands of students.

The campus has a large permanent staff of approximately 1100 people to provide all services on the campus, including cleaning, security, maintenance, gardening, food, transport, and medical and emergency services.

Assembly Hall and Yogic Flying Halls
In the heart of the campus is a covered open-air assembly hall that can seat 50,000 people and eight smaller covered open-air meeting halls around the central hall that can seat up to 5,000 each and will be suitable and comfortable for group Yogic Flying. Foam will be purchased for Yogic Flying. The halls have air cooling around the hall, plus a unique cooling system in the floor.

Temperatures during this time of year are moderate with a day time average high of 28 degrees Celsius (82 F) and night time average low of 15 degrees Celsius (59 F), with relatively lower humidity.
We will also use 20 additional meeting spaces that are enclosed and air-conditioned to accommodate over 2,000 people.

Air Quality
As the campus is 50 minutes from Hyderabad, in the Chegur district in the countryside, the air quality is not considered polluted. It has a measure of 33 AQI and is generally acceptable to most individuals.
Kitchen and Dining
The campus has a state-of-the-art modern kitchen with dining facilities to accommodate well over 10,000 in several halls, with a large kitchen staff of cooks, waiters, etc., who will prepare vegetarian continental and Indian cuisine.

In addition, filtered water and bottled water will be provided.

Medical Facilities
There is a 35-room Ayurveda clinic, as well as a 50-bed hospital with a full-time staff of doctors and nurses and state-of-the-art medical facilities, including an ambulance, etc. If needed, there are western-standard hospitals within 60 minutes of the campus in Hyderabad.

Security, Wifi and Cellular service
The campus has full-time security, which will be increased to include all the new housing. Wifi and cellular service are available throughout the campus.

There are a limited number of rooms, suites, and apartments (approximately 200) in permanent buildings on the campus. These rooms are being offered to those who can make a substantial contribution to the support of the Maharishi Vedic Pandits and students attending the assembly (see ‘Sponsors of the 10,000 for World Peace’ below).

The majority of the accommodations will be in high quality tents. We are hiring a highly experienced company in erecting luxury tents, all with electricity, wifi, furnishings, lockers, and full bathroom (sink, toilet and shower) and AC. Laundry facilities will also be available at a nominal cost.

India has many festivals every year, including the Kumbha Mela, and so there are now many companies in India specializing in putting up temporary but high quality comfortable tents, constructed on platforms above the ground.

The remainder of the rooms are in permanent buildings and are dormitory-style with communal bathrooms.


Course Fees and Donor Support
A very important part of attaining the number of 10,000 is to have a large group of Maharishi Vedic Pandits and Indian college students participate along with thousands of Yogic Flyers from around the world.

Therefore, we will need to subsidize the cost of the Pandits and Indian students.

At the same time, we want to keep course fees as low as possible for those coming from different parts of the world.

The course fees and sponsorship levels below reflect our best effort in achieving this. It will be very helpful that everyone is able to pay the full course fee in whatever category of housing you choose.

However, we recognize that there are some who may need a scholarship for a part of the course fee. If you are interested in attending the assembly, but need a scholarship, we encourage you to seek support within your own country, but also please indicate through the link below what level of support you feel you will need. We will try to provide as many scholarships as we can, but this will depend on available funds.

All course fees include room, taxes, food, and facilities cost for a 14-day period from 29 December to 13 January. Please note that there will no longer be a three-week option from 21 December to 13 January.

Also, you are encouraged to arrive in India a few days before the course to rest and register. Please make your own accommodations for this and we will inform you where and when to register. Please do not come to the campus before the registration date.

Sponsors of the 10,000 for World Peace

Sponsorship levels below include course fee, food, accommodation in VIP rooms, suites or apartments in permanent buildings on campus, and being named in Global Yagyas for World Peace (US taxpayers may be eligible for a tax deduction for their donation excluding the course fee).

Patron level – $100,000

Benefactor level – $50,000

Sponsor level – $25,000

Supporter level

  • $10,000 single occupancy
  • $6,000 double occupancy

Friend level

  • $5,000 single occupancy
  • $3,500 double occupancy

The Friend level will be accommodated in the highest quality premium tent of 54 m2, with a full bathroom (sink, toilet and shower), electricity, wifi, AC and higher quality furnishings and locker.

Other Accommodations

For those who are not sponsors, the following accommodations are available. The amount includes the course fee, food, and all other facilities costs.

Deluxe Tent accommodation (40 m2 bedroom, with full bathroom, electricity, wifi, AC, locker and furnishings)

  • Single occupancy = $2730 ($195 per person per day)
  • Double Occupancy = $1680 ($120 per person per day)

Swiss Cottage Tent accommodation (30 m2, with full bathroom, electricity, wifi, locker and furnishings, without AC)

  • Single occupancy = $1845 ($132 per person per day)
  • Double occupancy = $1260 ($90 per person per day)

Dormitory Accommodation
It will be possible for some to stay in dormitory-style rooms in the constructed buildings on campus. Each dormitory would have approximately 40 beds, each with a locker and with communal bathrooms.

For dormitory accommodation, the course fee would be:

  • Dormitory with AC = $920 ($65 per person per day)
  • Dormitory without AC = $700 ($50 per person per day)

Learning the Transcendental Meditation Sidhi programme

For those practicing Transcendental Meditation who would like to attend the Assembly, we encourage you to take the Transcendental Meditation Sidhi programme In-Centre Course to learn the Sidhi practice in your country before coming to the 10,000 Assembly, and then you can learn the Yogic Flying Sidhi on the Assembly from 29 December to 13 January.

Please contact your local TM Centre or national TM organization to find out the dates of the next In-centre section of the Transcendental Meditation Sidhi programme course you could take.

For practitioners of Transcendental Meditation who are unable to learn the TM-Sidhi programme at this time, you are also warmly welcome to attend the 10,000 for World Peace course.

It is very important that we know how many can attend the 10,000 Assembly and therefore invite you to apply as soon as possible, by 27 September, and indicate what type of accommodation you would like and what level of scholarship for the course fee you might need.

Once we get your application, we will send more details about the course and facilities, but in the meantime if you are planning to attend, we encourage you to start researching flights and applying for a tourist visa for India. Most countries can apply for a visa online at Apply for the e-tourist visa for ‘Yoga Programme’. We are looking into the possibility of charter flights from Europe and USA to reduce cost of travel.

Also, once you have applied, the national TM organization in your country will contact you. Once you have been accepted to the course we will send you a registration number and details of where to make payment. Please do not come until you have received the official acceptance to the Assembly.

Also, please do not try to contact the Kanha Shanti Vanam campus or the Shri Ram Chandra Mission directly about the Assembly. If you have any questions please email

We look forward to receiving your registration and being all together to create a historic upsurge of peace in the world at the end of the year.

With very best wishes

Jai Guru Dev
10,000 for World Peace Office

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